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Argon Purification (Deoxo - Drying)

Argon Purification (Deoxo - Drying)Argon present in the air is usually recovered as a by-product from an air separation plant. Economics usually favor withdrawal of Argon from the cold box with some residual oxygen. Chemical Design, Inc. supplies units to catalytically react the remaining Oxygen with Hydrogen. The resulting water is removed in dual adsorption dryers. As the picture illustrates, CDI typically packages Argon Purification Plants in fully automatic skid mounted systems.



Rate: 1,000 to over 100,000 SCFM Moisture: <0.1 vppm
Pressure: 40 to 2,700 psig CO2: <0.5 vppm
Temperature: 40° to 100° F  
Oxygen: Up to 5.0 vol%