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Air Plant Feed Purifying Units

Four Vessel

Two Vessel Two Vessel

The Air separation plant shown above deploys a four bed arrangement and two stage adsorption to achieve the results shown in the following table. Energy is also saved by pre-cooling the process air with an evaporative water chiller employing waste nitrogen from the air separation plant. The chiller operates in a closed loop circuit with a direct contact aftercooler (DCAC) and only requires a small amount of water for make-up. The Chemical Design proprietary four bed design allows for a continuous flow of regeneration gas thus eliminating a sharp peak demand and the need for a heat accumulator. The electric regen heater is 50% of its normal two bed size and thermal cycling stress is greatly reduced.



Rate: 117,000 SCFM Moisture: <1 vppm
Pressure: 100 psia CO2: <1 vppm
Temperature: 95° F Temperature: 63° F