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Air Plant Feed Purifying Units

Air Plant Feed PurificationThe consumption of Oxygen and Nitrogen by steel, chemical, petro-chemical, defense, and electronic industries has rapidly increased over the years as demand for these products grows. As a result, air separation plant construction is at an all time high. At present, cryogenic distillation of air into Nitrogen and Oxygen is the most cost effective method for large scale production. Components such as water and carbon dioxide must be removed prior to air entering the cold box to prevent freezing. In addition, trace hydrocarbons such as Acetylene are removed before they can present a safety hazard. Even higher levels of purity are capable of being achieved using a Chemical Design Ultra High Purity (UHP) purification system.



Rate: 1,000 to over 100,000 SCFM Moisture: <0.1 vppm
Pressure: 40 to 2,700 psig CO2: <0.25 vppm
Temperature: 40° to 100° F  

Chemical Design, Inc. is a worldwide leader in air purification plant construction and is able to draw on years of invaluable experience. As the picture above illustrates, CDI typically packages Air Feed Purification Plants in fully automatic skid mounted systems with free standing adsorber vessels. Click on the links below to view just a few examples of the hundreds of air separation plants engineered and manufactured by CDI.